Daily Archives: December 7, 2007

It’s Christmas …….

Well not quite, but it is that wonderful time of year when Steve Leighton at HasBean releases his Christmas Blends. Yes, you heard right: Blends, plural!

Not content with issuing the industry de facto single festive blend, Steve lovingly crafts two fantastic© Bean_Believer 2006 offerings; an espresso and a filter. They never disappoint. Available as whole bean roasted only, the blends contain beans that would not adapt well to pre-grinding. These are beans that really do need to be ground then prepared immediately. It’s a special time of year (yes, I’m a big kid at Christmas) which demands special coffee.

This year’s espresso blend has good body and lovely spicy cinnamon tones. It’s very nice in milk and amazing as espresso, with a rich, long lasting aftertaste. If this year is anything like twelve months ago, I’ll be drinking this and its filter brother almost exclusively before it is withdrawn forever once Christmas arrives. Oh, the bittersweet pain of it all.