Sweet Coffee

This year’s crop of Brazil Perfetio Espresso Blend is amazingly sweet; more so than any other year that I can remember. Three people have commented© CakeBoy 2006 on the wonderful sweet tones over the couple of days that we have had a bag. It has what I describe as that sunny Brazilian character to it, with smoothness and great balance that is neither too heavy, nor too light. Sunny, I hear you ask? Well it tastes just as I expect a sunny day would if you could eat it, all lovely and warming. I think another bag of this will be a must over Christmas.

2 responses to “Sweet Coffee

  1. Breako/Matt/NordicNed

    I recall one of the last coffees I had from HB was Perfieto..I even think we had a convo about it being like a sunny day. The great thing is I can recall the taste even now. Yummy 😀

  2. Great days mate and much missed. I remember it well too.

    It’s wild this crop, unless we just got a bag where the roast hit the sweet spot (no pun intended) 😉 . It actually tastes sweeter to me than the Daterra Farms Sweet Yellow from any given crop! You would love it mate 😀

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