Daily Archives: January 12, 2008

It’s just not cricket ……

I don’t know the details of or pretend to understand the complexivity of the issues in the recent cricket test between Australia and India. The alleged incident itself is not what leaves me feeling uneasy, but the way those involved in the aftermath have behaved, and in particular the position of the ICC.

Following the shambles some time ago involving Pakistan and Darryl Hare, we seem to be witnessing a second occurrence of the ICC capitulating in the face of pressure. It mayHowzat? or may not be that India are right in their position, but it bothers me that cricketing nations appear to be willing these days to threaten a withdrawl or boycott rather than to appeal any sanction through the correct channels.

Now whether this is beacuse the ICC determinations have been perceived to be so incompetent that those affected feel there is no option other than to resort to mutiny or simply that the ICC is known to have a soft underbelly is not clear to me. I do think, however, that the ICC needs to address the issue and might do well to begin by asking itself whether it is making enormous errors in judgement or has simply lost all authority over the game of gentlemen. Sad times.

New roaster and 48p espresso machine; exciting times!

Some of you are already aware that last summer we were lucky enough to obtain a brand new Pinhalense gas sample/batch roaster. It has two barrels, each capable of roasting a nominal maximum of 500g. This is a very exciting development in our home roasting journey as it represents the first time we have had either a gas roasting capability or a proper piece of commercial roasting kit. Yes it’s overkill, but it will last a lifetime and if it brings anything like the increase in quality and/or ease of use that the commercial espresso kit yielded, it will be worth it a million times over. It was not cheap, but it was certainly not a great deal more expensive than some home roasters that can be expected to last around five years.

To date, the roaster has been sat idle awaiting some electrical and venting work to its final location. We hope to have that completed shortly thanks to some help. Continue reading