New roaster and 48p espresso machine; exciting times!

Some of you are already aware that last summer we were lucky enough to obtain a brand new Pinhalense gas sample/batch roaster. It has two barrels, each capable of roasting a nominal maximum of 500g. This is a very exciting development in our home roasting journey as it represents the first time we have had either a gas roasting capability or a proper piece of commercial roasting kit. Yes it’s overkill, but it will last a lifetime and if it brings anything like the increase in quality and/or ease of use that the commercial espresso kit yielded, it will be worth it a million times over. It was not cheap, but it was certainly not a great deal more expensive than some home roasters that can be expected to last around five years.

To date, the roaster has been sat idle awaiting some electrical and venting work to its final location. We hope to have that completed shortly thanks to some help.

Also in the space made available for the roaster will be the Wega Orion two group that we picked up toward the end of last year on eBay for the princely sum of 48p! Yes, that is correct, a little under half of one pound sterling. We were the only bidders on the one US Dollar starting price. The machine came complete with two portalilters and a Brita Pro water softener. It works perfectly and has benefitted from some new taps, vac-valves and other small parts thanks to the kindness of Rob at

The Wega was not alone when it arrived a couple of months back. From the same seller came a superb Mazzer SJ with nearly new burrs and a lovely stainless steel knock-box tray. It was the Mazzer that we were first alerted to by a friend in the US who spotted it and gave us the nod. Thanks Richard. The Mazzer had three bidders and ended up at £5.94, so the whole kit and caboodle came in at £6.42.

Now, we were feeling a little guilty at the prices, but the seller was very aware of the true value and just wanted rid. He had inherited them with his new coffee shop and found a leak in the vac-valve on the Wega. He didn’t like the quote for an engineer call-out so did a deal with his coffee bean supplier for new equipment. He was a gentleman and very pleased that the gear would be given a loving home with the tlc it needed.

So there we are, things may not be moving fast, but things are coming together and there will be frequent updates as the adventure unfolds. Don’t worry though, for those who know and love our ‘Anna’ (Iberital L’Anna), she is still (and always will be) the main girl on the coffee front. She continues to give excellent service and look her beautiful shiny self 😀

5 responses to “New roaster and 48p espresso machine; exciting times!

  1. I’d love to come have a play with your new setup! Pics please! 🙂

  2. Coming soon ….. 🙂

  3. ahh you lucky bugger you!

  4. I hate you…I love you…I hate you…I love you 😀

  5. I just can’t tell you how depressed the news of your recent finds made me Mark. A great buy of an Espresso machine is bad enough but you compound this by buying the Mazzer.
    It’s clear that you’ve made some sort of pact with Satan but spare me the details of this as I myself would never stoop to this sort of thing.

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