Some new coffee to try …….

It has been a couple of weeks, life has been rather hectic, and it’s nice to finally be blogging again.

Around Christmas, we were lucky enough to be given a couple of samples by Scott White at Happy Donkey ( He is considering both as potential new additions to his ever improving and rather impressive inventory of top quality commercial coffees.

The first was described by Scott, in his own inimitable way, as “quite odd in a nice way” and “good in a different way”. It was marked only as ‘Guatemalan Maragogype’ and Scott had no further information.

Well he wasn’t wrong, it was one of the strangest and most enjoyable coffees I have tasted for a while. The beans were medium roasted and of medium to large size, certainly nothing like the ‘elephant ears’ sized Maragogype varieties that are around.

Our log entry on this one reads “Quite a lot of citrus acidity, a cross between lemon and lime but good. A clean coffee with medium light body, good balance and a little kick”. It was a strange one because the citrus really kicked at the start of the cup but the body was quite light and it had a really clean finish; almost as though the mouth had been rinsed with clean warm water. Yet, there was a massive lemon juice aftertaste like nothing I have tasted before. Very different and very nice espresso.

What exactly this coffee is and entirely where it comes from is a mystery. Do I like the coffee? Most certainly! Though as Scott said, it is possibly a little more than some commercial customers are ready for, so therefore unlikely he will stock it. A shame really as I would have liked to be able to buy some more, as I suspect would many speciality coffee fans.

The second sample was just marked “Costa Rica” and is far more likely to appear on Scott’s menu. This was a very nice coffee, and in terms of sheer quality, perhaps one more akin to the gourmet scene than commercial supply. It was sweet and smooth with a good thick body. Nice honeycomb flavours combined with fruitiness and honey tones. There are some nice Costa Ricans about at the moment and this was definately one of them.

Thanks to Scott for the chance to sample these coffees. Two very different types but both rather magnificent in their own ways. Hats off to him too, because Scott has really worked on his already very good coffee selection over the past couple of years and now supplies commercially many beans that would not be out of place in the speciality sector. In doing so, he can only be driving the quality of commercial coffee in the UK in the right direction.

Well, it’s time now to taste something else rather special for us. We have just been given two different recently roasted Intelligentsia coffees by a visitor from Toronto. This is our first taste of Chicago and we shall start of with the venerable ‘Kid O’. Watch this space!

3 responses to “Some new coffee to try …….

  1. So come on what was the Kid ‘o’ like I’ve never had a chance 😦

  2. What a shame, Steve. It’s easily available here :p Never thought I’d see the day I’d have access to a coffee that you don’t :p My best Kid O capp was at Manic and it was a chocolate bomb! Somewhere between a milk and dark chocolate. Think Cakey detected a bit of lemon – that completely escaped me though… but maybe he had it ‘milkless’ 😉 I must make another Manic pilgrimage soon to properly taste it sans milk…. just waiting for the 8 inches of snow to melt first before I trek all the way there 😦 BTW, it’s a lovely sight to see Kid O oozing out of a bottomless PF on a Synesso 😉

  3. Kid ‘O’ is like nothing I have tried before Steve. Hopefully the write-up will be on the blog tomorrow, along with that of three rather special Bolivians ………. 😀

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