Daily Archives: February 25, 2008

Kid ‘O’ & the Valentine’s Day Bolivian boys …….

A recent visit from a Canadian relative yielded a couple of bags of Intelligentsia’s finest (www.intelligentsiacoffee.com); the inimitable “Kid O’s Organic Espresso” and the somewhat long in title, but rather delightful, “Los Delirios Organic Nicaragua Direct Trade”. The beans were sourced from Manic Coffee in Toronto (www.maniccoffee.com), the owner of which, Matt Lee, is also the Canadian distributor of Intelligentsia. Both bags had been roasted a couple of weeks before arriving with us.

“Kid O” is one of the best known espresso blends in the world of speciality coffee. It is nothing short of a legend, and something that all gourmet aficionados strive to try at least once in their coffee lives, unless of course they live in North America, where their local quality independant cafe may well be serving it every day). As a typically dark roasted North American blend, it might not suit all European palates save for perhaps those of the old school Italian roast persuasion. It has a bit of a reputation for being a demanding blend to extract perfectly, but this is not something that should concern any self respecting hardcore enthusiast with reasonable equipment. Continue reading