Tea Thing!

This ladies and gentlemen is “Tea Thing”! It is a sample that was given to Scott at Happy Donkey (www.happydonkey.co.uk) and passed to us to have a look at. There are no instruction and Scott was told that there are only three or so in the country at the moment. It has been played around with and thus far we cannot decide for sure whether it is meant to produce a cup/mug or a tea pot full at a time. We will shortly post the test results, but in the mean time, if anyone has any thoughts, please be forthcoming.

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10 responses to “Tea Thing!

  1. This device was first produced for making large jugs of coffee using an espresso machine. Basically you would brew about 6 shots of espresso into a jug, and then top up with water.
    I guess they are trying to sell it as a Tea Thing now.

  2. Now that makes sense and also explains the lack of ‘tea’ instructions, thanks Alex. We were finding that it didn’t efficiently make a pot with a full chamber of tea leaves, nor a single cup/mug with less leaves. We kept saying it was as though the thing was not made for tea …… it seems that it was not! 🙂

  3. Silly question time… why did anyone assume it was for tea in the first place?

  4. It was given to Scott as a sample ‘tea making adapter’. Since then there has been much head scratching all round. It might actually be quite useful for making more than a couple of Americanos at once using the method Alex described, providing the pour doesn’t get too long and develop unwanted flavours.

  5. hmmm… just how big is the basket?!?!?

    But now I’m thinking about the tea… what if you put a single basket in, fill with xxx tsps tea, place an aeropress filter over it & then pull a not-as-hot shot?

  6. Bewildered at Dawn

    I thought it was really a fancy endoscopy device.

    From experience though, it takes a lot of tea to produce one very small cup. I did this with red bush and whilse it was very tasty, it would hardly prove cost effective to carry on doing it. I thik it took 4 bags IIRC.

  7. Bewildered at Dawn

    BTW that is me mate…Breakoboy 😀

    Suitably bewildered this week 😉

  8. Wow that looks like a medievil torture device or maybe something for a colonic irrigation…
    I looks exciting and cant wait to read about the results .

  9. It remains a mystery Sarah. Maybe you would like to try it out on Steve? 😉

  10. Espresso brew temperature would be a little cool for tea anyway.

    Oh, and nice blog by the way!

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