About CakeBoy

I am a coffee enthusiast and connoisseur of fine muffins! Well okay, I quite like a nice cake with my coffee. The coffee though is another thing entirely; I enjoy world class single origin and blended coffees roasted by artisan roasteries and home roasted examples as well. I am a member of the Admin Team at http://www.toomuchcoffee.com an international coffee resource site and forum with a European bias.

My mad coffee world started late in 2004 when I set out to find a coffee as good as the half dozen or so outstanding cups I remembered having over the years and desperatley wanted to reproduce. I failed; but thanks to the internet, a few outstanding coffee experts and a fair bit of cash, coffee nirvana became mine.

I love the way coffee lends itself to be the perfect hobby. It requires only the amount of time and energy that are available and sets no timescale demands. It is always there to come back to, just the way it was left. It always yields something enjoyably consumable (in a foody way) and in doing so offers a level of consistency rarely available at a coffee shop; costing just ‘pennies in the cup’ (to quote HasBean Steve).

The best thing about coffee is the friendships that I have made. Coffee people are nice people; discerning, generous and kind.

So then, everything is now either ‘coffee’, ‘cake’, ‘life’ or ‘bemusing’, and sometimes all four!

CakeBoy 😀

8 responses to “About CakeBoy

  1. Cakey!!
    Welcome to Blogdom!! Nicely done- I have just noticed it today. So I hope that I haven’t been too asleep at the wheel!
    What is the header a shot of? A place close to home?

    For those that do not know our Cakey – he is a tireless moderator at Too Much Coffee and is a most gracious person to even we Yanks that come across his path… Thanks for the link.

    Happy Holidays and safe travels to all that you hold close!

    Greg // MO

  2. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for dropping by, it’s great to see you. The header is just standard stock for the theme. You are too kind with your words and a gentleman to boot. A very merry Yuletide to you and yours,
    Cakey 🙂

  3. Good to see and enjoy your site, Well Done! I just noticed it on your TMC post. Have a week’s reading here! Thanks
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!

  4. A very Merry Christmas and a peaceful new year to you and your family too Richard. Thanks for the kind words, good to see you here 😀


  5. Well done Cakeboy – I like the ‘look & feel’ of your website.

  6. I love the whole vibe of this blog just wished i had found it sooner….x

  7. Richard Penney/espressme

    Hi Cakey,
    I just want to pass this on for those folks with old /antique home machines. They are “the” source for hard to find seals and gaskets:
    I gotta fess up, they also sell my portafilters and tampers. Faemina PFs coming soon!
    Thanks Richard / espressme

  8. Thanks for the kind words Sarah, I’m very touched that you would even read my waffle x

    I appreciate the info and link Richard. It’s good to see you again 🙂

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