Favourite 5

If anything it gets harder and harder to select only five ‘favourite’ coffees. In fact, I think it is impossible. Not only are there countless wonderful beans over the years, but each one varies as its crop changes with the harvest each season.

Then there is the small matter of  preference. I will always prefer wonderful chocolate caramel laden varietals with a little acidic kick, but from time to time my palate has little spells of particularly enjoying some of the more extreme flavours found in certain beans.

With that in mind, I think the best way to maintain a ‘Favourite Five’ is on an annual basis just prior to Christmas each year. That way, the selection will best represent the average of my preferences over the year and any bean that is slightly more extreme than the others won’t appear just because it is my ‘fad’ of the month. Instead, it will only make the list if it has really stood out for me over a large part of the previous twelve months.

The list is mainly intended to contain single origin coffees, but I wouldn’t rule out a blend making the final five if it really rocks my boat.

It would be great fun  if you left your ‘Favourite 5’ of the year in the comments box of this year’s list, just as Matt did in 2007. I look forward to reading everyone’s selections and thoughts.

Each year’s annual ‘Favourite 5’ selection page can be found in the ‘Pages’ menu on the right hand side of  the screen.